Bombay Black

Bombay Black collection seizes the black blast coming from the top view of Bombay,
a city covered with black plastic sheets.

BB captures the relationship between Bombay and this dark color that makes it in hope and history.

This collection is an hobnobbing penumbra elixir of quintessential shapes that will protect all
your talismans from the tumult of cities outside scenario.


— call it by its name, CHAMAR

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Blue Collar

Blue Collar panoply is an eloquence hint to manual labour called blue collar workers.

Color of social justice and self determination in an era of industrial
human exploitation and hyper-consumerism,the collection was launched on
the 1st of May, celebrated worldwide as the international Workers day.

Blue is from indigo pigment, a color associated with labour exploitation during colonial times in India.
It’s the color of hope, peace and eternal change.

The collection is a fetching and peaceful colored sword against injurious archaic statements
of social systems and industry. Blue to transmute them.

These blue chrysalis are puissant amulets to simply grace yourself and protect your belongings.


— call it by its name, CHAMAR

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Black Fortune

In slums, daily life is all about surviving.
objects related to the most basic survival to
carry water and food are the inspiration guiding
Black Fortune collection : cans, barrels, drums,
plastic containers, bamboo baskets, cooking
fire or handles for transport and gripping.
Emblems of Black Fortune to aurify surviving
daily objects.

Manipulations of our raw recycled material are also invited :
weaving and assemblage to evoke weavers of Dalit communities.

Chamar iconic cross-stitch turns into bold, fresh colors,
new formulas giving such a distinctive character.


— call it by its name, Chamar

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