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37 x 51 cm

Mimesis emerges as a residue and extension of the artist duo Thukral and Tagra’s recent series of works,
Arboretum, a contemplation on communities of trees. Like the seedlings, these fragmented
canvases with coloured pixels embark on an infinite journey of visualising data as an artistic endeavour.

For the India Art Fair 15th edition, they imagined units, as a collection in terms of date, time,
artwork, audiences, artists and patrons. In synch with the sustainable
practices of the changing world, the material residues of these large-scale facades
are repurposed into handbags in conversation with CHAMAR.

Every bag will boasts a distinct and exclusive design,
ensuring that your accessory is a masterpiece that stands out from the rest.


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IAF 15th Thukral and Tagra canvases
CHAMAR rerubber


IAF 15th Thukral and Tagra canvases
CHAMAR rerubber